Corrugated Boxes

Boxes made of corrugated paperboard are known as corrugated boxes. A corrugated board consist
of layers of air columns which acts as a cushion for the contents. It makes the contents safe against
shocks, jerks, vibrations etc. Corrugated boxed with cushion layer are very popular in packing of
delicate items such as jewellery. The main advantages of corrugated packing boxes are:

  • Since they are made of paper, they are very light weight making them easy to handle.
  • Since the raw material used in the manufacture of corrugated boxes is easily available and is inexpensive, the corrugated boxes are cost effective and are available at affordable prices.
  • Packing, printing and graphics are easy to create on corrugated boxes offering wide space for brand awareness and promotion.
  • Corrugated boxes are very customisable. They can be moulded into desired size and shapes making them ultimate packing solution.
  • Made of biodegradable material paper, they are eco friendly and recyclable.

At Line N Curves, you will find wide range of corrugated boxes with customized partitions fit for all types of jewellery and accessories packing. Our corrugated boxes can be used as:

  • Jewellery gift box
  • Collectibles and coins
  • Bracelets and cuff links
  • Pendant, necklace, ear rings

Our designers and artisans aspire to enhance the value of your gifts with these exclusively designed
corrugated gift boxes. It is a great combination of sturdiness and elegance. Keep your valuable items
safe and secure along with giving them a sober and formal look with our range of corrugated gift

Browse through our range of boxes and order online. We provide a secure online payment platform
for our customers. You can also send in your queries on our email address on just put in a query in
the query box. Our experts will soon get in touch with you with suitable options to meet your

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